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Iran – Ongoing Vendetta against Nasrin Sotoudeh 0

On September 26, Nasrin Sotoudeh, with her health deteriorating, broke her hunger strike, which had been ongoing since August 11 in defence of Iran’s political prisoners

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Prisoners in Colombia and Brazil face coronavirus pandemic alone 0

There are 1,297 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and four deaths in Colombian prisons (on 27 May). In Brazil 755 cases of coronavirus and 29 deaths in prisons across the country

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Solidarity keeps us alive! Campaign for the release of political prisoners

The Free Women Movement (TJA) launched a campaign with other international women organizations called “Solidarity keeps us alive” in favour of political prisoners

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New call for the release of Kurdish poet İlhan Sami Çomak jailed in Turkey for 26 years

Turkey counts so many political prisoners (there are currently up to 70,000 students in jail) that it can be easy to get human rights fatigue when reporting on the country

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