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August 1969: When the “Troubles” began

Fifty years ago this week in the space of five days, the north of Ireland changed for ever. A look back by historian and commentator Dr Éamon Phoenix (abridged) (for the Irish News)

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Irlanda del Nord. New Ira si scusa per l’omicidio della giornalista

In un comunicato spedito all’«Irish News», l’organizzazione si attribuisce l’omicidio della giornalista Lyra McKee, uccisa mentre stazionava accanto alle «forze nemiche»

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Irlanda del Nord. Venerdì santo insanguinato

A Derry si riaccendono i tumulti, una giovane giornalista viene uccisa da un paramilitare. Tutti i sospetti sulla New Ira

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Butcher’s dozen: The crimes of Bloody Sunday 47 years on

Shock and disbelief is the reaction to the decision of the Northern Ireland Prosecution Service to charge only one British Paratrooper in connection with the murder of 14 innocent civil rights marchers on Derry’s “Bloody Sunday,” January 30, 1972

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‘A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot’ – documentary film

Released in Irish cinemas on Friday 14 September – ‘A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot” – is a new documentary from journalist and filmmaker Sinéad O’Shea who takes a look at the divided city of Derry in the “still occupied” 6 counties of Northern Ireland 20 years after the “peace process”

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